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Dentsply Sirona Global
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Bone & soft tissue regeneration


Recreating nature

Comprehensive portfolio for guided bone and soft tissue regeneration

Solutions for all your regenerative needs

The comprehensive portfolio for guided bone and soft tissue regeneration provides ease of use and safety for dental clinicians and their patients.

Symbios consists of a full range of reliable bone graft materials, resorbable and non-resorbable membranes and instruments. Designed for the widest range of dental surgery and implant needs, these solutions promote bone formation, volume and stability for predictable, long-term outcomes that patients and dental professionals can rely on.

As always, the focus of development is on making our products simple and easy to use: For accurate, successful and fast work at all times.

Symbios – Bone graft materials

For defects affecting the bone quantity of your patients, bone graft material can help you create new bone or remodel existing ridges. The Symbios product line includes xenograft, allograft and synthetic bone graft material developed to deliver the bone regeneration results you want to achieve.

Symbios Xenograft Granules

Xenograft bone graft material

The osteoconductive hydroxylapatite in xenograft bone regeneration material – analogous to the hydroxylapatite of natural bone – is derived from non-human donors. Xenograft bone graft serves as a framework upon which bone from the surrounding area can grow to fill the defect.

Symbios phycogenic bone graft material

Phycogenic bone graft material

The algae-derived products are very similar to the human bone. All algae-derived (phycogenic) materials demonstrate a high specific porosity up to 1.1 cm3/g. Their unique honeycomb like structure with an interconnected porous channel system and their specific chemistry is decisive for the high in-vivo bioactivity of the phycogenic materials.

Symbios Xenograft Granules

Symbios Xenograft Granules is a porcine bone mineral indicated for periodontal, oral and maxillofacial surgery. The use of Symbios Xenograft Granules may be considered when autogenous bone is not indicated or is insufficient in quantity to fulfill the needs of the proposed surgical procedure.

  • Highly porous carbonate apatite particles
  • Natural pore structure for cell conduction
  • High intra- and inter-particle space for Osteoconduction and new bone deposition
Symbios Biphasic Bone Graft Material (BGM)

Symbios Biphasic Bone Graft Material (BGM)

Symbios Biphasic Bone Graft Material is a resorbable inorganic bone forming material derived from red marine algae. The composition is 20% hydroxyapatite and 80% β-tricalciumphosphate. Due to the high tricalciumphosphate content of the product it resorbs significantly faster than pure hydroxyapatite.

  • Osteoconductive - Bone analogous properties and interconnecting pores
  • Resorption kinetics in the sense of restitutio ad integrum - Material degradation and bone remodeling/healing are balanced. Resorbs almost completely
  • Volume stability - The resorption properties enable volume stability during bone formation
  • Straightforward application - Saturation with patient’s blood and addition of autogenous bone chips improve healing
Symbios Algipore

Symbios Algipore

Highly porous hydroxyapatite – bone reconstruction material derived from red marine algae highly analogous to the hydroxyapatite of the natural bone:

  • Promotes bone formation – osseoconduction due to the interconnecting pores and coarse surface.
  • Resorbs almost completely –Symbios Algipore is a bone regeneration material in the sense of a restitutio ad integrum, i.e. defect free healing.
  • Stable volume – the ideal resorption kinetics create a scaffold with a stable form during the whole bone formation phase.
  • Suitable for the indication – available in three various grain sizes.
  • Straightforward application – mixed with the patient‘s blood.
  • Over 30 years’ clinical experience – Symbios Algipore has been successfully used since 1988, has carried the CE mark since 1998, and has had US FDA approval since 2003.

GBR/GTR membranes

A dental membrane is used to stabilize and contain the defect by preventing gingival tissues from infiltrating the site. As an exception, Symbios PerioDerm Acellular Dermis is used to treat facial recession defects.

Symbios resorbable dental membranes

Resorbable membranes

The Symbios resorbable dental membranes help provide a framework for cellular ingrowth and vascularization, guide bone healing, and prevent cellular and bacterial infiltration. Resorbable membranes are designed to be absorbed, eliminating the need for surgical removal.

Symbios Collagen Membrane SR

Symbios Collagen Membrane SR (slow resorbable) is a bioresorbable, implantable collagen type I originating from bovine Achilles tendon. It is intended for use in dental surgery procedures. The membrane functions as a barrier, aiding in wound healing after dental surgery in cases with a dental implant, a bone defect or ridge reconstruction. Fiber matrix construction allows tissue integration, while preventing direct passage of bacteria and epithelial cells.

  • Safe for the patient - Highly purified collagen type I derived from bovine Achilles tendon
  • Prevents epithelial downgrowth - Cell occlusive
  • You can suture or tack the membrane in place without tearing - Unique fiber orientation provides high tensile strength
  • Stiff enough for easy placement, yet easily drapes over ridge - Optimized flexibility. Can be placed either dry or hydrated

Symbios Collagen Membrane pre-hydrated 

Symbios Collagen Membrane pre-hydrated consists of purified intact collagen tissue derived from bovine pericardium. The unique pre-hydrated delivery makes immediate use possible; it is flexible and easily contours to the defect.

  • Semi-permeable; permeable to nutrients and macromolecules
  • Intact tissue provides high mechanical strength for resistance to suture pull-out
  • Acts as a cell barrier to prevent epithelial down growth into the bone defect site
  • Approximately 0.5 mm thick membrane
  • Can easily be trimmed during surgery for a final fit

Dental bone graft instruments & accessories 

Symbios offers a selection of instruments to support your bone regeneration processes. Included are solutions for harvesting your patients own bone (autologous bone graft material) and preparing bone blocks and access windows.

Symbios dental bone graft instruments & accessories