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Implant treatment concepts

Acuris conometric concept

Time-saving has never been easier, click and you're done.

Redefining retention

Instead of cement or screws, the conometric concept uses friction retention to secure the crown and cap onto the abutment. Here is why we think this is a game–changer:

  • Placement of the crown takes seconds rather than minutes.
  • The procedure is easier to perform.
  • No screw—improved esthetics, due to no visible screw access holes.
  • No cement—less risk of biological complications.
  • This is a fixed retention, but it can be retrieved for extra-oral cleaning or maintenance. 
  • To place the final crown, you only need to click once on the crown with our unique Fixation tool.

Too good to be true? No, it is better.

With this concept, the final crown is cemented onto the final cap extra-orally and then attached to the abutment to provide a conometric retention.

Indexed seating

The final cap is indexed to match the corresponding index on the top of the abutment. This allows for correct seating and orientation of the crown.

Retention stability

We have thoroughly tested retention of the conometric connection over time under cyclic loading. The results are clear. All tested samples maintain their stability.

Designed for excellent results

All abutments, caps and the final crown are designed to make the conometric concept easy and efficient, with guaranteed excellent long-term end-results.

Scientific support

Studies suggest that excess cement causes peri-implantitis. That risk is diminished with this concept as there is no intra-oral cementation and thus no cement residue.

Good news for everyone

Dentists save time and can be confident about delivering predictable, high-quality results. This improves patient satisfaction. And the workflow in the lab is easier and more efficient too. Here are the main benefits:

Saving time & cost

The final restoration takes seconds rather than 10-15 minutes. Lab work is more efficient and cost-effective as the final cap has a pre-defined margin.

Ease of use

Without cement or screws, there is less risk of complications. The end-results are more predictable and esthetics can be improved as there are no screw access holes to cover.

Less chairtime

The quick final restoration is convenient for patients also giving the dentist time to accept more patients or perform other procedures. 

Once you’ve tried the conometric concept, the first impression can only be — wow.

Dr Marco Degidi

Reference studies

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Scientific evidence

Conometric retention and dynamic loading over time


Retention of the conometric connection over time has been investigated under dynamic loading in a test set-up based on ISO14801:2016.

Halldin A, Frotscher M, Tebbel F. Conometric retention and dynamic loading over time. Clin Oral Implants Res 2018;29(S17)

Removal Force of Conometric Caps & Abutments under Dynamic Loading


The retention of a conical connection between cap and abutment loaded with dynamic lateral forces after an initial axial load was evaluated.

Tebbel F, Johnsson S, Halldin A. Removal force of conometric caps and abutments subjected to dynamic loading. Clin Oral Implants Res 2018;29(S17)

Removal Force of conometric caps and abutments

The retention of a conometric connection was loaded with 200 N, 400 N and 600 N to simulate maximum biting forces. Subsequently, the conometric caps were pulled off to measure the retention to the conometric abutments.

Tebbel F, Johnsson S, Halldin A. Removal force of conometric caps and abutments. Clin Oral Implants Res 2018;29(S17)


Acuris conometric concept

Concept brochure - Retention redefined

Acuris conometric concept

Manual & product catalog

Acuris conometric concept

Manual & product catalog, Astra Tech Implant System EV

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