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Dentsply Sirona Denmark
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Treatment in perfect balance

Ergonomics can be understood as the interface between man and machine. In your daily worklife, you constantly experience situations, where exactly this interplay between you and your equipment is crucial to the treatment success. The treatment center plays an essential role, since this is where you spend most of your time at work. Thus, it is of utmost importance, that it optimally adapts to your requirements. The treatment centers of Dentsply Sirona provide numerous solutions for a comfortable, pain- and stress-free treatment - for dentist, patient and the team.

Health is not everything, but without health, everything is nothing.

Arthur Schopenhauer

Optimal access to the treatment site

Available for Teneo and Sinius, the motoric headrest is the key feature when it comes to creating the best possible conditions for a successful treatment.

For optimum access to the treatment site, the extension and inclination of the motoric headrest can be adjusted using the foot switch, the user interface, or even manually.

Vertical mouth point positioning

For your optimal position, the vertical mouth point is always positioned at the same working height
– even with patients of different stature.

Hands-free operation

The wireless foot switch is your multifunctional control element for all chair functions. It provides hands-free control of the EasyTouch display and the motorized sliding track.

This results in less twisting and moving towards the user interface and allows unrestricted movements thanks to free positioning without cable.


ErgoMotion means the combined movement of the backrest and the seat, which prevents stretching and compression of the spine. This way, the patient's head always stays in the
same place and a readjustment of the headrest when changing the treatment position is not necessary.

Intuitive sitting

Hugo and Carl - key elements in the Dentsply Sirona ergonomics program
The innovative design and intelligent shape of the working stools ensure more comfort during all treatment situations. Both are available with the choice of two gas spring lengths for different heights.

The backrest of Hugo (right) offers a dynamic support of your back, whereas the Thermo upholstery reduces sitting heat during long treatments.

Carl (left) provides a 360° swiveling backrest and seat, which gives your assistant a maximum of flexibility.

The fundamentals of a healthy sitting position

A healthy sitting position builds the basis for an ergonomic way of working and thus a long-term health preservation. To achieve this,

  • your upper body is upright and straight;
  • your hips are higher than your thighs;
  • your back only touches the backrest when you relax. 

The overall goal is to achieve a knee-hand distance that is as large as possible to get the patient in between.

Your head, neck, shoulders and upper body are not inlined.
Your shoulder girdle is at right angles to your spine, with your shoulders and spine not being rotated.

The distance between your eyes and the patient's mouth should be between 30 - 40 cm with your arms "hanging" close to your body. The angle between your hips and thighs is appr. 105°, while appr. 2/3 of your thighs are in contact with the slightly inclined seat cushion. Your legs are in an open and relaxed position.

ZWP extra

Find out how to treat in perfect balance for the successful dental practice.

Cover image (top of page) courtesy of Oemus Media AG, Germany.

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Find out more about Treatment Centers from Dentsply Sirona by requesting further product information. We would be pleased to get in touch.

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Operating Lights

Find out how you get optimal light for every treatment with an easy operation and hygiene.


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