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Guided surgery


Getting it right from the start

Guided surgery

Guided surgery, delivering restorative driven implant treatment

From dental scanning and planning, to drilling and implant placement, to the ultimate Immediate Smile, Simplant offers clinicians a comprehensive 3D system for accurate and predictable implant treatment.

mySimplant planning service

mySimplant planning service

Order digital solutions

Order digital solutions

Simplant Academy

Strives for a solid education in the Simplant technology

The Simplant Academy is dedicated to optimizing computer guided implant treatment, thus ensuring the well-being of both patient and doctor. The Academy strives for a solid education in the Simplant technology.


Simplant Pro 18

Latest version of Simplant

Delivering more value to dental professionals helps specialists like you to provide better, safer and faster dental care to patients. We continuously strive to fulfill the needs of our loyal customers, which is why we have created Simplant Pro 18: one of the most comprehensive dental implant planning suites on the market, giving you all the innovative tools in the Simplant portfolio. 

Furthermore, we have carefully optimized our tools and processes to enhance both user experience and timings involved in the guide ordering process. This has enabled us to offer you a first-class 48-hour manufacturing of our Simplant Guide.

Upgrade to Simplant Pro 18 and you’ll be connected to the latest Dentsply Sirona systems and be part of a global market driver which is shaping the future of dentistry – a smart investment in your future.

Introducing Simplant 18.5 (pdf)

Read the instructions for use before installing and using the software

STEP 1 – Download the Simplant software here.

STEP 2 – Register your Simplant Software

When starting the software for the first time, you will be asked to enter your CCKey code.

Are you working offline or do you need a floating password?

Click here to generate your web password


STEP 3 – Install the implant library

After the software installation in step 2 has been completed, the Simplant implant library will be installed.

The Simplant procedure manual (pdf) provides in-depth step-by-step guidance on how to achieve the best possible implant treatment for your patient with Simplant planning and a Simplant Guide.

Your diagnosis and initial treatment plan will influence all steps that lead to successful implant treatment. Based on a clinical examination, you will determine what kind of implant treatment your patient needs:

  • What are my patient’s needs?
  • Is a fixed or removable prosthesis required?
  • How many implants does my patient required
  • Does my patient want an immediate restoration?
  • Are tooth extractions needed?
  • Which type of Simplant Guide should I use during surgery?

The Simplant workflow provides a total solution with all-digital connections as well as conventional alternatives. This allows you to create your own work routine with true prosthetic implant planning and resulting in high-quality surgical guides.

Below you find all the latest clinical guidelines to get started with Simplant computer guided implant treatment. Just download the documents (pdf) you need and follow the steps.

Simplant Pro workflow
How to fabricate a bite index
Guidelines for fabricating a Dual Scan prosthesis
Prescription for dental scan
Single Scan guidelines
Dual Scan guidelines
Stone model guidelines for a tooth-supported Simplant Guide
Immediate Smile online ordering guidelines

The CBCT to Simplant export protocols help you configure the optimal settings for exporting DICOM images to Simplant software.

CBCT to Simplant export protocol (Vatech)
CBCT to Simplant export protocol (Soredex)
CBCT to Simplant automated export protocol (Soredex)
CBCT to Simplant export protocol single scan (Myray)
CBCT to Simplant export protocol dual scan (Myray)
CBCT to Simplant automated export protocol (Myray)
CBCT to Simplant export protocol (Planmeca)
CBCT to Simplant automated export protocol (Planmeca)
CBCT to Simplant export protocol (Newtom VGi 5G)
CBCT to Simplant export protocol (Newtom 3G)
CBCT to Simplant export protocol (Carestream)
CBCT to Simplant export protocol (Sirona)
CBCT to Simplant export protocol (Morita)
CBCT to Simplant export protocol (Morita v1_8)
CBCT to Simplant export protocol (Acteon)

Simplant software versions 13 (Crystal), 12, 11, and older are no longer supported since December 31st, 2014. It is not possible to place Simplant Guide orders from these older software versions.

If you are still actively using any of these older software versions, we encourage you to either upgrade your software to the latest Simplant software, receiving full product support via the Upgrade and Maintenance program, or to substitute your software with the Simplant 2011 software (version 14).

Simplant 18 product upgrade

Contact your local Simplant or Dentsply Sirona Implants contact person for a favorable upgrade and maintenance renewal offer. This offer includes free customer support, Simplant software update to the latest version and Simplant library updates.

Simplant 17

Simplant Library


Simplant Software

Plan for predictability

Simplant dental planning software provides the clinician with accurate and predictable surgery options. It enables the clinician to assess the patient’s anatomy and see exactly how it relates to the proposed restoration. The treatment plan can be communicated to colleagues, the dental lab and the patient who will all see exactly what the plan really entails.

  • Predictable implant planning, considering surgical and prosthetic aspects. 
  • Comprehensive 3D-communication with the patient. 
  • Optimal team communication. 
  • Predictable results lead to cost efficiency.
  • More precise implant placement with Simplant Guide.
  • Immediate temporary restoration, ready prior to surgery – Immediate Smile concept.
  • Compatible with over 10,000 implants from more than 100 brands, as well as all DICOM compatible (CB) CT scanners and major optical and intraoral scanners.
  • Dental planning software with more than 20 years' experience.


Simplant Guide

Confident implant placement for all major implant systems

Simplant Guide provides for highly accurate drilling and implant placement

  • Forms the link between prosthetic driven planning and surgery.
  • Ensures safe and predictable implant surgery. 
  • Allows for minimally invasive techniques, reducing post-operative pain, swelling and healing time.
  • Reduces unpleasant surprises during or after surgery thus avoiding stress for the clinician and the patient.
  • Reduces surgery time. 

Highest quality is our standard.

Using state-of-the art 3D technology, Simplant guides are developed, designed and manufactured by Dentsply Sirona Implants in the US, Japan and Europe.
We believe in central design and engineering to deliver consistent quality and turn-around time for each patient-specific Guide.

Depending on the clinical situation, you can choose between a tooth, bone or mucosa supported Simplant Guide:

Tooth-supported Simplant Guide

Tooth-supported Simplant Guide

  • Recommended for single tooth and partially edentulous cases when minimally invasive surgery is preferred.
Bone-supported Simplant Guide

Bone-supported Simplant Guide 

  • For partially or fully edentulous cases when increased visibility is needed. 
Mucosa-supported Simplant Guide

Mucosa-supported Simplant Guide

  • For fully edentulous cases when minimally invasive surgery is preferred.

Depending on the level of guidance you need during surgery, you can choose between a Simplant SAFE Guide, Simplant Universal Guide or Simplant Pilot Guide.

Simplant SAFE Guide

Simplant SAFE Guide

  • Full drill guidance and implant guidance
  • Need for very accurate implant placement.
  • Brand specific surgery kit.

The SAFE Guide already exists for more than 20 implant brands, including Dentsply Sirona Implants, Anthogyr, Bego, Bicon, BioHorizons, Biomet 3i, Camlog, Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Zimmer Dental and more.

Simplant Universal Guide

Simplant Universal Guide

  • implant Universal Guide
  • Full drill guidance.
  • Need for accurate guidance of all drill steps.
  • Drill depth control when combined with the LongStop Drill system.

Compatible with all dental implant brands.


Simplant Pilot Guide

Simplant Pilot Guide

  • Drill guidance of the first drilling step.
  • Need for an accurate entry point and inclination with the surgical guide, freehanded surgery completion.

Compatible with all dental implant brands.




Instruments for guided implant surgery and drill depth control

Simplant instruments allow you to execute the surgery in a safe, guided and accurate manner when your favorite implant brand doesn’t offer you all the instruments you need for guided implant ssurgery or for drill depth control.

Guided surgery instruments

The guided surgery instruments for Ankylos, Astra Tech Implant System EV and Xive include the unique Sleeve-on-Drill feature that guarantees precise horizontal and vertical guidance throughout the surgical procedure. The “sleeve-on” design simplifies handling and eliminates the need for an additional assistance in holding freestanding dill keys in place.

Watch Simplant Computer Guided Implant Treatment with Astra Tech Implant System EV

Universal Drill Key System

The Universal Drill Key system can be used in combination with any brand specific surgery kit. A matching set of Universal Drill Keys is available for most implant surgery kits.

The Universal Drill Keys are compatible with the Simplant Universal Guide. When inter-occlusal space is limited, lateral open sleeves can be used in combination with the Simplant Universal Guide.

LongStop Drill System

The LongStop Drill system provides physical drill depth control for any implant brand. The drills are multiple use and color-coded.

The LongStop Drill system is specifically designed for guided implant surgery, versatility and accuracy. The system covers drill lengths for most clinical situations and can be used in combination with Simplant Universal Guide and Simplant Pilot Guide - LongStop Drill system.

Immediate Smile

Temporary restoration delivered before surgery

With the Immediate Smile concept, a temporary restoration can be delivered before the surgery. The temporary restoration is used together with a Simplant Guide in one single appointment. Patients can leave the surgery with new teeth and a nice smile – an Immediate Smile.