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Implant treatment concepts

SmartFix concept

The smarter solution for restoring smiles

It's just smart

Immediate, full-arch restorations on four implants

Receiving teeth in a day makes great difference for edentulous, or soon-to-be edentulous, patients. The SmartFix concept is designed to renew quality of life by:

  • eliminating loose and ill-fitting dentures
  • reducing the need for bone grafting even for patients with severely resorbed jawbone
  • providing full restorations all on four dental implants* by tilting the two distal implants
  • anatomic structures can be avoided and fewer, longer implants can be used

Your patients rely on you to restore their ability to eat, speak and smile with confidence. With the SmartFix concept you can improve the quality of life of your edentulous patients with a secure and reliable immediate full-arch restoration.

Better than dentures

The SmartFix concept enables you to optimize available bone and avoid anatomical structures by placing the distal implants at an angle. Supporting a fixed, full-arch restoration on four implants is a well-proven method for treating edentulous patients.* As a result, patients are often spared time-consuming, costly, and uncomfortable bone grafting procedures without compromising reliable long-term outcomes.

Tilted placement allows for longer and fewer implants, reducing the need for invasive protocols.
Tilting the distal implants improves anterior posterior spread and load distribution, while reducing cantilevers.
Eliminates costs associated with bone grafting procedures, reduces number implants used, and minimizes treatment times.

The SmartFix concept has significantly grown our clinic. In four years, immediately loaded, full-arch restorations on four implants represent our most significant sector of our work and our greatest potential for growth.

Anthony Bendkowski

Anthony Bendkowski, UK Specialist in Oral Surgery

The smart benefits


Are you reaching patients who need
full-arch treatment?

According to research, the need for full-arch, implant-supported restorations will continue to grow.

For practices, this can be an incredible business opportunity.

Are you confident you’re offering the solutions that best meet your patients’ individual needs?

By 2020, the U.S. adult population needing 1–2 dentures will approach 37.9 million. By incorporating the SmartFix concept as a treatment option, you can experience:

Attract new patient groups, and increase patient acceptance, by offering a cost-effective, immediate solution.
Avoid complex grafting procedures, reduce overall treatment time, cost and number of visits.
Increase your practice’s productivity and profitability with a standardized procedure and streamlined workflow.
Patient satisfaction

Smarter for life

While advancements in dental care have helped more people worldwide to enjoy life with fully functional teeth, there are still many edentulous, or soon-to-be edentulous, individuals suffering with poorly functioning and painful dental prostheses. For these individuals the SmartFix concept can be a cost-effective solution that allows patients to eat, speak and smile again with confidence.

Patient benefits

The SmartFix concept provides edentulous, or soon-to-be edentulous, patients with an immediate, fixed restoration supported by only four implants

Economic solution

Reduces the need for bone grafting and other advanced procedures, compared to traditional fixed restorations, resulting in fewer visits to the clinic and lower treatment costs.

Immediate results

Simplified treatment that in most cases allows patients to receive a full-functioning temporization on the day of surgery.

High patient satisfaction

Provides excellent and predictable function and esthetics, increasing patient confidence and quality of life.
Dorothy, SmartFix patient

“I would definitely recommend this treatment to everybody. Now, I look forward to ordering a meal I can sink my teeth into. I wish I had done this years ago.”

Dorothy, U.K.
SmartFix patient

Immediate, full-arch restorations on four implants

Smarter design

The SmartFix concept used in combination with one of our implant systems, Astra Tech Implant System EV, Ankylos or Xive allows for:

  • shorter treatment times
  • simplified procedures
  • streamlined workflows

All without compromising reliable treatment outcomes.

Unique frame design options - Atlantis bridges and hybrids are produced via additive manufacturing, supporting unique frame design options and individualized retention elements.

Streamlining your workflow

The SmartFix concept used in combination with one of our implant systems, Astra Tech Implant System EV, Ankylos or Xive allows for shorter treatment times, simplified procedures, and streamlined workflows – without compromising reliable treatment outcomes for your edentulous patients.

Simplant computer guided implant treatment

Powered by a digital workflow

Simplant computerguided implant treatment delivers precise implant planning and predictable restorative results.
Implant range

Unique implant range with excellent primary stability

The Astra Tech Implant System EV, Ankylos and Xive are well-documented for success in immediate loading, and is supported by a drilling protocol that delivers excellent primary stability.
Abutment seating

Easy abutment seating

The short and flexible holder allows for easy seating of abutments, even when space is limited.
Multibase EV abutment

Restorative versatility

Straight, 17° and 30° Multibase EV abutments* are optimal for finding the ideal angle for each case. The narrow abutment design facilitates installation while the reduced component height allows for more inter-arch space for prosthetic design.
Angled screw access channel

Angled screw access channel

Angling the screw access channel is a unique option of Atlantis bridges and hybrids, promoting ideal esthetics and function as well as simplifying handling during installation and removal of the prosthesis.

Handling highlight videos

Astra Tech Implant System EV

Step-by-step procedure

Implant-prosthetic procedure for the immediate restoration of an edentoulous patient using OsseoSpeed EV and Multibase Abutment EV.



Easy abutment seating

Animation showing the easy seating of the Multibase Abutment EV 30o  using the short and flexible holder.