Surefil one from Dentsply Sirona


Why choose Surefil One?

Self-adhesive: no etching, bonding or cavity conditioning

As durable as composite

Less Than 1% Post-Operative Sensitivity

Ideal for compromised situations

Reduces Class II Procedure Time By More Than 35%

Releases Fluoride

Surefil one Excels Where Others Fall Short

Clinicians who desire rapid restorations for reduced contamination risk and patient comfort often have to make compromises with composite, glass ionomers and amalgam - until now.

The Modified Polyacid System (MOPOS) is a unique patented molecule responsible for Surefil one’s strong adhesion to the tooth and its composite-like strength.   

It’s the ideal choice for ensuring efficiency and performance. 


1. MOPOS bonds chemically to the tooth to create a strong and durable bond.

2. The clross linking groups of this molecule also bond to everything else. Glass fillers, resins, acids, etc. making Surefil one restorative as strong and durable as composite.


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New patented MOPOS technology bonds chemically to the tooth to create a strong and durable bond.

The acidic groups dissolve calcium ions from the tooth structure and use them to form a chemical bond between the restorative and tooth structure. Each acidic group that bonds to a calcium ion becomes neutral and stops etching.

Surefil one is not indicated for direct or indirect pulp capping. If a pulp capping is needed, we recommend to use a calcium hydroxy material such as Dycal before restoring the cavity with Surefil one. 

For more details please refer to the instructions for use.

Yes. Although Surefil one is self-adhesive, durable, stress bearing and does not require any etching, bonding, retentive preparation techniques or composite capping, it can be used with regular adhesives and composites.

All materials curing by radical polymerization show volume shrinkage. When bonding to cavities this volume shrinkage induces shrinkage stress. As Surefil one may be placed in bulk with no increment limitation, dimensional stability upon curing as well as during long-term water storage was tested.

Surefil one shows a very high dimensional stability, so it does not shrink or expand significantly after curing. Please refer to the Surefil one Scientific Manual for more details about the dimensional stability.

You can etch and bond when using Surefil one, however, this is not necessary to achieve adequate bond strength. Doing so will add more steps and time to the procedure.

To achieve a glossy surface, all contouring, finishing and polishing should be done moist, either under water spray or by wetting the surface with the air/water syringe.

The Surefil one capsule is compatible with all capsule extruders except for GC Capsule Applier IV. Please use order item code 60606596.

For trituators with 4200-5000 rpm, choose 10 second mixing time.

For the Rotomix (3M)*, switch off centrifugation mode or reduce mixing time to 8 seconds.

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