Every dental bur has specific uses in the clinic or lab. Some grind down hard tooth tissue and enamel. Others chip away at the tooth structure. Dental burs are invaluable tools for various procedures such as:

  • Preparation of cavities for fillings
  • Shaping bone for dental implant surgery
  • Removal of old fillings
  • Cutting through metal fillings
  • Crown removal for endo procedures
  • Trimming
  • CAD/CAM milling
  • Finishing
  • Precise shaping
  • Polishing
  • Grinding and cutting porcelain and zirconia
  • Preparation and placement of crowns and veneers

Dental burs come in all shapes, depths, textures and sizes to accommodate different functions. Common bur shapes are round, pear, cross cut, tapered fissure and finishing burs.

  • Round dental burs are great for cavity preparation, caries removal, endo access points, access points through a crown and drilling channels for extraction. They provide efficient and consistent cuts.
  • Pear dental burs are used in cavity preparation, endo access points and restoration removal. They have excellent multipurpose cutting capabilities.
  • Cross cut dental burs are designed for more efficient gross cutting and less debris buildup. 
  • Tapered fissure dental burs help with easy entrance, secondary anatomy placement on restorations and shaping to avoid undercuts.
  • Finishing dental burs are used when finishing restorations for a smooth surface, enameloplasty, odontoplasty and even shaping soft tissue. 

Midwest Dental Burs

Midwest Carbide and Diamond Burs have provided the highest quality rotary cutting instruments to the dental industry for nearly half a century, with an extensive selection of shapes, diameters and shank configurations. As a leader in dental burs and handpieces, the Midwest brand is focused on providing dentists with the best instruments available.

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