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Class II Total Practice Solution

Our Class II portfolio of products offers you a confident and controlled approach to the Class II restoration procedure. Each product is an innovative and proven approach to each Class II restoration step. They provide you with an effective way to protect the most vulnerable interface, as well as operate efficiently when completing the esthetics of the Class II restoration. 

Palodent Plus Matrix System
Prime&Bond Elect Adhesive
SmartLite Focus Curing Light
SureFil SDR Flow+ Material
TPH Spectra Composite
Enhance Finishing System

Composites & Flowables

With cutting-edge composite materials and a long history of clinically-proven results that have seen hundreds-of-millions of restoration applications, Dentsply Sirona continues to be a leader in the composite market.  Backed by innovation and dental industry expertise, Dentsply Sirona was the first manufacturer to offer a low stress bulk fill and the only major manufacturer to offer a universal composite in both a high viscosity and a low viscosity formula with simplified shading.

Posterior Composites
Universal Composites


Dental adhesives are designed to create a gap free bond between the restoration and the tooth structure.  A strong adhesive compensates the shrinkage of the composite, helps to reduce the risk of post-operative sensitivity and significantly contributes to the longevity of the restoration.  Ideally, adhesives should be tolerant towards different degrees of dentin moisture to enable a strong bond and reliable sealing even when the clinical conditions are less than ideal.

Universal Adhesives
Etch & Rinse Adhesives
Self-Etch Adhesives
Self-Cure Activator

Glass Ionomers, Intermediate Restorative, Liners

Classic Glass Ionomers
Zinc-Oxide Eugenol
Calcium Hydroxide Liners


Dispersed Phase Amalgams
Spherical Amalgams

Core & Post

Core & Post Kit
Core Build Up