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With over 13 years of clinical success in over one billion applications, the Prime&Bond adhesive brand remains today what it has always been...leading-edge bonding technology and a standard for efficiency and strength. Prime&Bond adhesives utilize proprietary resin manufacturing techniques and unique PENTA adhesive monomer chemistry to deliver confidence and predictable results in both direct and indirect restorative applications.

A reliable, convenient, universal adhesive for any bonding technique. Every procedure is different, and with new Prime&Bond Elect Universal Dental Adhesive you can use your preferred etching method — total-etch, self-etch or selective-etch — across all direct and indirect indications. Built on the clinically proven chemistry of Prime&Bond NT adhesive, you can be confident that you’re achieving the consistent, high bond strengths necessary to meet the clinical needs of your patients, with virtually no post-operative sensitivity.

Consistent High Bond Strength

Prime&Bond Elect has low water uptake and provides a high bond strength when placing direct or indirect material on dentin and enamel. In addition, consistent bond strength is achieved across varied moisture levels.

Low Film Thickness

With a rise in esthetic restorations and increased milling accuracy*, the film thickness of the adhesive layer is becoming more critical to allow passive seating of the crown. Prime&Bond Elect provides a lower film thickness of resin-dentin and resin-enamel interfaces, as highlighted below.

Virtually No Sensitivity

In a recent clinical trial, Prime&Bond Elect displayed low post-operative sensitivity.1 The advanced technology behind Prime&Bond Elect enables minimal microleakage, helping ensure a tight seal.

*CEREC® machine accuracy is 25μm (data on file)

Tried and true Prime&Bond NT Total-Etch Dental Adhesive utilizes proprietary resin manufacturing techniques to provide superior chemistry, proven strength and no sensitivity. Perfect for light cured direct restorations and dual cured indirect restorations, Prime&Bond NT can be used for a variety of indications and is available in a bottle and unit dose delivery.

Exclusive nano-filler particles are 100 times smaller than fillers in hybrid composites. The particles reinforce the hybrid layer, support the collagen fibers and penetrate deep into the dentinal tubules.