Keeping Our Promise as Trusted Partners

We work hard to keep our promise as trusted partners who, through our commitment to innovation, clinical education, and training via the Dentsply Sirona Academy, empower our customers to provide the best possible care to their patients.

#Hereforyou Customer Portal

The #hereforyou customer portal was created during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hosted as a hub on the global Dentsply Sirona site, it provided support and guidance to customers.

Along with our partners, we created and made available a wide range of clinical education tools and resources, including:

  • Live, on-demand webinars
  • Solutions and guidance on protecting and managing dental practices during the pandemic
  • CARES Act resources (U.S.)
  • Interactive customer FAQs where customers could submit questions using country-specific contact information
  • During the peak of the crisis, new content for our customers was produced almost daily, particularly by our clinical education teams. Currently, the website is available for the U.S., Canada, Germany, the UK, Benelux, MENA, and APAC.

Customer Events in 2020

Dental Students

A fundamental part of our overarching commitment to clinical education is supporting, upskilling, and empowering the next generation of dental leaders – both students and those at the beginning of their careers.

Contest and Awards

Women in Dentistry

At Dentsply Sirona, we’re committed to engaging the most talented experts and KOLs in support of innovation and clinical education. Currently, about 1 in 5 experts employed by Dentsply Sirona are female, and we’ve created several female-focused Key Opinion Leader (KOL) development programs, including the Smart Integration Award and the Female Speaker Development Program, as well as a KOL database of our female talent.

Looking to the future, we’ll continue seeking input from female dental professionals to guide our innovation efforts and help us develop case studies, testimonials, and on-demand educational content for the Dentsply Sirona Academy.

Smart Integration Award

To celebrate and honor the steadily increasing number of women entering the dental profession, Dentsply Sirona launched the biannual Dentsply Sirona Smart Integration Award Program in 2019.

The award recognizes women in the industry for their visionary treatment concepts and ideas on digitization in dental practices. By inviting innovative female dentists and lab technicians from around the world to engage and grow with Dentsply Sirona, the award helps create a more gender-balanced, progressive network of KOLs for the company.

The first Smart Integration Award for women in dentistry, held in 2019, highlighted digitalization in dental offices with a focus on the heart of the dental workflow: the treatment center. In total, 24 female dentists from 7 different countries submitted entries. After the awards ceremony, the dentists participated in a 2-day education program – the Expert Development Program – to continue their journey toward a digital and smartly connected dental career in partnership with Dentsply Sirona. 

Dr. Ginal Bilimoria, Smart Integration Award 2019 winner (New Zealand), when asked about her award, said, “The concept of the award intrigued me. It was about efficient, intelligent, and integrated workflows using smart networked processes; something I was interested in. I love the idea of the award being open to women from all over the world. When a group of women get together to discuss dentistry, the dynamic is often quite different as we open up and share more easily about our struggles and successes.”

The next awards ceremony is scheduled for Fall 2021, and global entries can be submitted as photos, video, text, or sketches. 

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