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Why choose Palodent® 360?

Accurate contacts

Palodent 360’s pre-contoured band curvature ensures restoration creates broad contacts in the middle ⅓ of the tooth to reduce the risk of food traps and recurrent caries. Pair it with Palodent Plus wedges for an excellent seal.

Anatomically correct contours

Palodent® 360 recreates the contours and the wedge provides a tight seal at the floor of the proximal box.


Simply twist the integrated thumbwheel tightener to tighten and loosen the band. Unlike other circumferential matrix systems, there is no need for separate bulky retainers that block your field of view. With quick and easy positioning, Palodent® 360 helps to create minimal flash after the restoration and to reduce the need for extensive finishing time.

Easy adjustment and removal

The pre-contoured matrix band is easy to place, remove, tighten, loosen and adjust. When used with the Palodent Plus retaining ring, you can gain temporary access to tight interproximal spaces, and the Palodent Plus wedges protect gingival papillae and seal at the gingival margin.

Better access and unobstructed view

The compact design of Palodent® 360 keeps patients comfortable and does not hinder your ability to see and work, even in difficult access areas. A user evaluation indicated that 90% of circumferential matrix users said the Palodent® 360 provided a clear view of the restorative field.¹

Placement versatility

Palodent® 360 accommodates a multitude of positions on posterior teeth. Regardless of placement, field of view and instrument accessibility is maintained.

Place, Twist and Wedge

Natural contours and optimal contacts with a simple twist of the fingers.

Placement Versatility

Palodent® 360 Matrix bands are designed to be placed in a multitude of positions to accommodate field of view, loss of tooth structure, and accessibility for instruments.

Use cases of Palodent® 360

Palodent® 360 circumferential matrix bands can be for all Class II restorations, but especially useful for difficult Class II Cases when there is no adjacent tooth, too much tooth structure is missing to use a sectional matrix, or if there is a mis-aligned or severely rotated tooth. 

Tips and Tricks

Size availability

Choose a band that slightly exceeds the height of the occlusal circumference.

Tight contacts?

Use a Palodent Plus retaining ring or pre-wedge to create separation before placing the matrix. Palodent products are designed to work together.

Small teeth

Pre-tighten the band prior to placement to minimize excess slack.

Thumbwheel position

Place the thumbwheel anywhere along the secure tooth wall to achieve the best field of view and accessibility.

Where space or grip is limited

Grasp the thumbwheel and move the white retaining body forward in a ratcheting motion. Release the thumbwheel, allowing the retaining body to return back to center. Repeat until the band is snug.  

Removing the matrix

Reverse rotation on the thumbwheel (counterclockwise) and wiggle slightly back and forth to loosen matrix band.

Throw away your Tofflemire™

The Tofflemire™ was introduced in 1946 to aid in placement of dental amalgam. Today, it’s obsolete technology that can lead to clinical failure when used with modern composite resins.3 Palodent® matrix systems use modern matrix technology to offer advanced sectional and circumferential systems to deliver consistent, accurate restorations.

Upgrade From Automatrix®

Palodent® 360 excels where Automatrix falls short. Common pitfalls associated with Automatrix®:

  • Flat band matrix system subject to anatomically incorrect contour and contacts
  • Extra tools required such as a tightening tool and snippers
  • Longer treatment time due to extra steps and tools involved

Palodent® 360’s easy to place pre-contoured bands and integrated tightening mechanism give clinicians unobstructed views, efficient workflows and natural contours for improved patient health and satisfaction. 


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1. User evaluation United States, 2019. 237 restorations were placed by 52 dentists who indicated their preferred method of restoring Class II cavities was circumferential matrix systems. 90% said the Palodent 360 meets or exceeds their ability to easily recreate accurate tooth contour  and create anatomically accurate contact with the adjacent tooth

2. Dental Learning Systems, Direct Restoratives Survey, May 2016. N=143

3. Owens BM, Phebus JG, An evidence-based review of dental matrix systems, “General Dentistry,” September/October 2016