Efficient Esthetics with TPH Spectra ST composites

Thanks to SphereTEC filler technology, TPH Spectra ST composite offers optimized handling characteristics in both a high and low viscosity to accommodate your preference and technique for placement efficiency. SphereTEC filler brings an enhanced chameleon blending ability to TPH Spectra ST composite for simplified shade matching. It also enables fast finishing and polishes to an excellent luster.

For esthetically demanding anterior cases, TPH Spectra ST Effects composite works with TPH Spectra ST Composite in a simplified layering technique.

Optimized Handling in your preferred viscosity


Why choose TPH Spectra ST?

Optimized handling for easy placement and shaping

Only five universal CLOUD shades to cover the VITA®¹ range

High polish and stain resistance for lasting esthetics

Save money and time with less inventory of shades


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1. VITA® is not a registered trademark of Dentsply Sirona.