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Why choose EV Implant Family?

Natural esthetics and lasting bone care

All implants in the EV Implant Family use proven biological innovations from Astra Tech Implant System EV. Backed by science, so you and your patient can be confident in the outcome.

Remove uncertainty from your workflow

All implants in the EV Implant Family use the same prosthetics, workflows, tools, torque values, color coding and more. This develops expertise and reduces the need for inventory and training.

Freedom to work in your preferred way

The EV connection gives all implants access to the same EV Prosthetics assortment. Available in a choice of materials to suit your chosen restoration method and esthetic demands, whatever EV implant is used.

Surgical flexibility to meet any clinical need

EV Implant Family consists of three premium implants with different designs for your preferred surgical technique. You can choose from five implant diameters, seven lengths and five implant shapes to meet any clinical need.

Increase efficiency and case acceptance

DS Signature workflows from scan to crown mean fewer steps, less risk and reduced chairtime. Efficiency increases patient flow, while clearer communication with patients also leads to higher case acceptance.

About EV Implant Family

Shared DNA gives confidence whichever implant you choose

Based on four decades of continuous development, and successful innovations proven by 1,100 clinical studies, Astra Tech Implant System EV has pioneered the development of biologically-driven implant designs for natural esthetics and lasting bone care. These proven innovations are now the shared DNA of all implants in the EV Implant Family:

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