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High Strength Glass Ceramic

Celtra Press

Developed to make a difference

The new generation of high strength glass ceramic. Celtra Press is now available for the traditional pressableceramics
technology. The system includes ingots, investment, and veneering ceramics.

The benefits of the Celtra® Press system for your dental laboratory:

• A unique combination of excellent esthetics and high strength > 500 MPa (natural opalescence and translucency, stable margins)
• Excellent shade fidelity according to the VITA shade system and a surprising chameleon effect (easy shade adaptation to the surrounding teeth)
• Simple and fast processing (minimal reaction layer, easy to polish, a simplified shade system reduces inventory costs)

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Celtra Duo

Celtra Duo (ZLS) is the one and only material block that provides you with an unsurpassed level of freedom, control, and workflow flexibility, resulting in a final restoration in which to have complete confidence with respect to the clinical, functional, and esthetic outcomes. Restorations made with Celtra Duo (ZLS) possess a chameleon effect, enabling them to blend in with surrounding teeth for a natural vitality and lifelike appearance.

• Unparalleled combination of esthetics and high strength (natural opalescence and translucency, stable margins)
• Excellent VITA shade matching and surprising chameleon effect (making shade blending easy with adjacent dentition)
• Dual path processing (MILL and POLISH: 210 MPa or MILL and FIRE 370 MPa)

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