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Another life transformed

It’s more than a tooth card. Each smile you create makes a difference for the doctor’s practice and the patient’s life. Choose the teeth that offer unmatched mould selection, aesthetics and long-term durability. Teeth you can rely on for perfect geometry and shading to suit every case. For the patient who demands the best in natural anatomy, Portrait IPN is the most life-like tooth because of its unique, multi-part blend of IPN material that delivers superior shading and youthful translucency while its highly-cross-linked structure provides superior durability.


Why choose Portrait IPN denture teeth?

Unmatched tooth variety and selection

Available in all 16 A-D* shade designations, 8 Bioform shades, 3 bleach shades

Maximum bond strength

Excellent color stability

Excellent abrasion resistance

Extremely low affinity to plaque

Most life-like tooth

Superior shading

Youthful translucency

Superior durability

Portrait IPN Benefits

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