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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Digitally record and archive the patient-specific anamnesis sheet
  • Manage patient and image databases of a Sidexis system
  • Establish the exposure readiness of your Dentsply Sirona X-ray unit remotely from the iPad

Sidexis iX is not an approved medical device and may therefore not be used for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes. The main application purpose is for patient communication and consultation.

The light version of Sidexis iX offers a wide range of functions, while the below options are exclusive only to the full Sidexis iX version.

Sidexis iX light does not include the following functions:
There is no communication with the remote Sidexis iX Server (only database recovery of a previously backed up iX App database), which means that you will not be able to access the below.

  • No remote access to the Sidexis database
  • No possibility for the production of exposure readiness
  • No automatic retrieval of corresponding recording results
  • No digital recording of the patient-specific anamnesis sheet

The Sidexis iX light version works independently without WLAN connection and offers all patient and image functions based on the included demo database.

You will first need to install the free demo version of Sidexis iX from the Apple App Store. Then, in the "Settings" menu you will perform the in-app purchase (payment is made via the App Store).

The iPad can access the Sidexis 4 database via the practice's WLAN network and display the patient list and associated media.

The prerequisite for this is the installation of the "Sidexis iX Server" software on any computer in the practice that has Sidexis 4. This software handles the communication between Sidexis 4 and Sidexis iX.

Sidexis iX Server is available as a free download in the download section below.

  • iPads with at least 2 GB RAM, e.g. iPad Air 2, iPad Pro
  • Sidexis iX Server version 5.0 or higher with connected Sidexis 4 V4.2 or V4.3
  • Sidexis iX Server version 5.1 with connected Sidexis 4 V4.4
  • Optimal results are achieved with iPads with at least 4 GB RAM, e.g. iPad Pro 12,9

Check Sidexis iX in your Apple AppStore


Further downloads are provided within our Download Center.

Sidexis iX Server - Version 5.1.45 (For users of Sidexis iX App V.5.0 and higher)

220 MB
449 KB

Sidexis iX Server - Version 4.0.33 (For users of Sidexis iX App V.4.0 only!)

149 MB
439 KB

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