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Why choose SICAT Suite?

Seamless integration with Sidexis 4

Transitioning from diagnosing to planning only takes a simple click of your mouse and you never have to exit the software

Clear navigation. User-friendly operation.

Optimized with a modern and easy-to-use interface and straightforward navigation of the tools and functions, ensuring a small learning curve for the user and efficient workflows

Facilitates procedural expansion

From implantology, Sleep Apnea treatment therapy, and endodontics, from basic to complex cases - you can feel confident in offering your patients more possibilities

Step by step: Your digital implantology workflow with SICAT Implant 2.0

With a CEREC scanning system (Primescan or Omnicam), the gap situation (including antagonists) can be captured in minimal time. A prosthetic proposal for the gap situation is then planned. Thus, implant planning can be performed in a targeted manner, taking into account prosthetics, soft-tissue information and bone structure, for optimal accuracy and to achieve a functional and esthetic result.

For a reliable diagnosis, it is important to be able to accurately examine the given situation from all perspectives. To get the right information, you first need the right equipment. Axeos, Orthophos SL 3D or Orthophos S 3D provide important 3D X-ray data needed to assess the clinical situation, and when partnered with the award-winning Sidexis 4 software your implant workflow is efficient from the first step.

If you are equipped with CEREC Omnicam or CEREC Primescan, you can import the digital impression and prosthetic proposals into SICAT Implant 2.0. The overlay ensures that the implant can be optimally planned according to the restoration axis.

SICAT Implant 2.0 offers you the ability to mark the nerve canal intuitively and with just a few clicks: Simply click on the nerve canal and continue along with individual clicks until you have successfully marked the entire nerve. Corrections (move, delete, expand, etc.) are uncomplicated and possible at any time.

In addition to Dentsply Sirona implants (Ankylos, Astra Tech, Xive and MIS), SICAT Implant 2.0 maintains one of the most comprehensive databases of implants and abutments from major manufacturers. Regular updates are carried out in collaboration with numerous suppliers to keep the selection of implant systems up to date.

With just a few clicks, the implant is optimally positioned in the planning software in correlation to the bone. Thanks to the 360° rotation around the implant and the automatic collision warning in relation to the marked nerve canal and other planned implants, you can quickly achieve optimal placement. With the help of the prosthetic proposal, the implant axis can be optimized with the crown already in mind.

With the available planning report, you can document the results of your implant planning with a single click and print them out for the upcoming surgery.

Depending on your needs, there are several ways to create a surgical guide to support the placement of the planned implant. You can order the template from SICAT directly in the SICAT Implant software, send it to a local laboratory or create a CEREC Guide with your CEREC Software and mill it directly with your CEREC milling unit in your practice. This allows you to remain flexible and decide which type of workflow you prefer.

Why choose SICAT Implant 2.0?

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